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Piper Bill Millin


Bill Millin found fame as the soldier who piped Lord Lovat's 1 Commando Brigade ashore during the landings at Sword Beach in Normandy on 6 June 1944. Wearing his kilt, 21-year-old Millin marched up and down Sword Beach with German bullets raining down around him, playing Highland Laddie.

His pipes had been dropped in by parachute as a priority on behalf of the 1st Commando Brigade and although they suffered much shrapnel damage, Mr Millin did not suffer so much as a scratch. As the shells burst overhead, he just varied his repertoire with Our Road to the Isles and Blue Bonnets Over the Border. German prisoners interviewed after the beach was in British hands revealed they had not shot Mr Millin because they thought he was mad.

Mr Millin, originally from Sandyhills, Glasgow, went on to play himself in the Hollywood film, The Longest Day, alongside Richard Todd, Sean Connery and John Wayne. He is now confined to a wheelchair dubbed "Bill's Chariot", as the result of a recent stroke.

Mr Millin's pure courage and nerves of steel are the stuff of military legend.

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