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Martine McCutcheon


Martine was just 6 when she first appeared on TV in a Party Political Broadcast. She'd already been in adverts for Pears soap and Kool Aid. By the time she was in her teens, she'd also made first pop video appearance was as a fairy in for Enya.

Martine shot to fame in January 1995, when she began her role as Tiffany in famous BBC soap, EastEnders. The nation fell in love with her and during the next three years, she won countless best actress awards. When Martine decided to leave EastEnders, the BBC switchboards were jammed by distraught fans begging her to change her mind!

Martine next moved back to singing, signing up with Virgin label, Innocent Records. She began her solo artist career with the single, 'Perfect Moment,' at the end of 1998. It went straight into the UK charts at No.1 and achieved platinum status. Her second single, I've Got You,' entered the charts at No.3.

On top of all this, Martine has written her autobiography, starred as Eliza DoLittle in the West End's production of My Fair Lady and began her career on the big screen in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, with Sky Movies, co-starring Chris Penn, brother to Hollywood star Sean Penn. She has never been so busy and given her talent, looks and charm we can only expect more great things!

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