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Vice Admiral T P McClement OBE


Vice Admiral T P McClement OBE, Deputy Commander-In-Chief Fleet

Tim McClement was born in 1951 and joined the Royal Navy in 1971. Whilst at Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth he was awarded a Queen's Telescope in 1972 and the Queen's Sword in 1974.

He qualified as a submariner in 1975 and passed the Submarine Commanding Officers Qualifying Course, the 'Perisher' in 1981. Then, as an acting Lieutenant Commander, he served as the Executive Officer of the nuclear-powered submarine HMS CONQUEROR during 1982, when the submarine was actively involved in the Falkland's conflict. In 1983 he reverted to the rank of Lieutenant to take command of the conventional submarine HMS OPPORTUNE, after which he was appointed to the staff of Captain Submarine Sea Training.

Promoted Commander in June 1987, he was appointed as the Commanding Officer of the 'Perisher'. From 1989-91 he commanded the nuclear-powered submarine HMS TIRELESS, completing several operational patrols under the Arctic Ice. During this appointment he was awarded the OBE in December 1990, and the submarine surfaced at the North Pole on 8 May 1991. He then attended the Joint Services Defence College in September 1991.

He was promoted Captain in June 1992 and took command of the frigate HMS LONDON. In recognition of her work in Albania, HMS LONDON was awarded the Wilkinson Sword of Peace for 1993. This was followed by an appointment at the Ministry of Defence in the Directorate of Naval Staff Duties. After attending the 1996 Higher Command and Staff Course he helped set up the Plans Division of the newly formed Permanent Joint Headquarters. In May 1997 he was promoted Commodore on his appointment as Deputy Flag Officer Submarines. Reverted for the second time to take command at sea, he was appointed as Captain of the Second Frigate Squadron and Commanding Officer of HMS CORNWALL in August 1999. The highlight of his command was in 2000 when HMS CORNWALL led a UK Task Group of 8 ships, including the French frigate FS ACONIT, on a 7-month global deployment. In early 2001 he attended the US Navy Officers' course 'Revolution in Business Practices' at the US Navy's postgraduate school in Monterey, California.

Promoted Rear Admiral in April 2001, he was appointed as the Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff, which included being a member of the Admiralty Board. In June 2003, he took up the appointment of Chief of Staff (Warfare) to Commander-in-Chief-Fleet and Rear Admiral Surface Ships based in Portsmouth, before being promoted Vice Admiral to take up his present post in June 2004.

Tim and his wife Lynne live in Portsmouth. They have two sons Alastair and Angus. A Freeman of the City of London and a Vice President of the Royal Navy Rugby Union, his interests focus on family life, following rugby and trying to keep fit.

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