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Squadron Leader Barry Masefield (Retd)


Squadron Leader Barry Masefield (Ret'd) joined the Royal Air Force in 1959 as a Radar Technician Apprentice. After graduation he retrained as aircrew in 1963 and subsequently flew in Shackleton and Nimrod aircraft in Maritime Command until 1979.

Commissioned in 1979, he was posted onto the Vulcan fleet where he served until the demise of the aircraft as a bomber in 1983. During this time he saw active service during the Falklands conflict as a crew member on the Black Buck bombing sorties. In 1983 he was posted to the Victor tanker force, again seeing active service during the Gulf war. In 1986 he was invited to join the Vulcan Display Fight and flew on the team until 1993 when the aircraft was sold into private ownership. Retiring from the Royal Air Force in 1994 he now runs his own business in Norfolk.

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