Buckingham Covers - First Day Covers

Katie Leung


We are delighted that Katie Leung personally signed our Harry Potter covers to raise money for Childline. She played Harry's first girlfriend (and first kiss!), Cho Chang in the Warner Bros films.

Playing the role of Cho in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was Katie’s first foray into the professional acting world. In fact it was her first ever acting role!

Katie responded to an open casting call in February 2004 where she beat 5,000 girls for the role of Cho Chang. Katie had no prior acting experience or coaching. It was quite by chance that her father saw an advertisement on a Chinese television channel for the casting call. Katie thought it might be quite “fun” to go along and try her luck, though that day she was more interested in going shopping!

Since then, Katie's talent and looks have won her a legion of fans.

Katie is a huge music fan, and listens to all kinds of music including Jazz, R & B, Pop, Rock, Indie and Hip Hop and also plays the piano.

Collectables Signed By Katie Leung