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Captain Peter P Baker


Peter P. Baker was born on the 2nd September 1925.

Career History:

Educated Merchant Taylors School and Oxford University. 1944 Joined Royal Air Force as aircrew cadet. 1945-1949 GR School, 201, 209, 230 Squadrons. 1949 Central Flying School (QFI Course). 1950-1952 Flying Instructor (Prentice, Havard, Meteor). 1953 Empire Test Pilots' School. 1954 D Squadron A.&A.E.E.Boscombe Down–Helicopters. 1955-1956 B Squadron A.&A.E.E. Boscome Down – 'V' Bombers, Canberra etc. 1957-1958 Tutor Empire Test Pilots' School. Retired from Royal Air Force voluntarily to join Handley Page Ltd. 1959-1963 Test Pilot with Handley Page. Principal flying on: Victor 2 (Exp. Test). Limited flying on: Herald (Exp. Test). Hastings (Prod. Test). 1963-1982 Test Pilot with British Aircraft Corporation / BAe. 1963-1966 principal flying on: VC10 and BAC 1-11 (Exp. Test). (1964-1966) Project Pilot – BAC 1-11). 1967-1980 Assistant Chief Test Pilot (Concorde) principal flying Concorde (Exp. Test) 1980-1982 Deputy Chief Test Pilot Bae Filton. 1982-1986 Senior Test Pilot with CAA Airworthiness Division. 1987-1989 Freelance Airline Captain flying principally with Channel Express.(Limited to not greater than 20 tonnes due to age). 1989 to date Aviation Consultant.

Qualifications and Society and other Membership Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Liveryman and Upper Freeman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators.

Member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots.

Member of the British Association of Aviation Consultants.

Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Ex-Member of the Airworthiness Requirements Board.


AFC; Queens Commendation for valuable Services to the Air; RP Alston Medal.

Flying Experience

Principal aircraft flown:

Sunderland 1300 hours: Helicopters 350 hours: Military twin jet 900 hours: 'V' Bombers 1000 hours: Commercial four jet (Exc. Concorde) 300 hours: Concorde 1360 hours: BAC 1-11 1350 hours: HS 125 250 hours: Dart Herald 350 hours: Boeing 737-200/300 115 hours: F27/F50/Viscount 60 hours: Diamond/Citation/Challenger 70 hours