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Dick King Smith


Meet The Man Behind Babe

Bestselling children's author, Dick King-Smith was born and raised in Gloucestershire, England, surrounded by pet animals. After twenty years as a farmer, he turned to teaching and then to writing children's books.

The Sheep Pig

Among his many well-loved books is The Sheep Pig, given the Guardians Children Fiction Award in 1984 and later turned into the blockbuster film Babe. Since writing his first book, The Fox Busters, published in 1978, Dick has now written over a hundred books, which have sold over five million copies in the UK alone and been translated into twelve languages.

Fistfuls of Awards

His many awards include the Children's Book Award and Children's Author of the Year. His autobiography Chewing the Cud was published in 2001 to great acclaim.

Passion for Pigs!

Dick writes mostly about animals: farmyard fantasy, as he likes to call it, often about pigs, his special favourites. He enjoys writing for children, meeting the children who read his books, and knowing that they get enjoyment from what he does. His books are especially loved for his fantastic sense of humour and the way the underdog always wins in the end.

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