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Richard Kiel


Richard Kiel, who is best known for his roles as "Jaws" in the James Bond films has been an actor for nearly thirty-eight years. Like Michael Douglas, Ron Howard, Rob Reiner and Penny Marshall, he has picked up a lot of experience by osmosis.

Kiel wrote, produced and starred in his own television show, "THE PAUL BUNYAN SHOW" in 1963. He wrote his first screenplay "THE DANCE OF DEATH" in 1965. In the 1970's he co-wrote "THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN," and began co-writing several family films including "CONSIDER THE RAVENS," WITH WINGS AS EAGLES" and "ESCAPE FROM PARADISE."

In the early 90's he co-wrote "THE GIANT OF THUNDER MOUNTAIN." He then raised the funds to make his first movie. Acting as Co-Executive Producer, and implementing a innovative incentive system, Kiel brought the film in under budget and ahead of schedule. The film received two "Four Star" reviews during its test marketing and the "Film Advisory Board's - Family Film Award of Excellence."

Kiel's current project is about "Cassius Clay," and one that he has researched for over 23 years. He wrote the original screenplays over a two and one-half year period of time.

Kiel has just completed co-writing a novel: Kentucky Lion, The Cassius Clay Story with co-author Pamela Wallace author of 29 published novels and Academy Award: winning screenwriter for the movie 'Witness' starring Harrison Ford.

The same Academy Award winning screenwriter has been optioned to polish Kiel's screenplays for the movie or miniseries version.

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