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Flight Lieutenant Andrew Keith (Red 5)


Flight Lieutenant Andrew 'Boomer' Keith (33) is in his second year with the Red Arrows. Born in Howick, New Zealand, Boomer's interest in flying was inspired at an early age by his father's passion for aviation. Boomer and his father would frequently fly together at the local aero-club and drawing on his father's engineering background they subsequently built their own aircraft, a Thorpe T18.

Educated at Howick College, Boomer completed his bursary exams and joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force in 1994 at the age of 18. After flying training Boomer was posted to the 'strike' role and flew the Aermacchi MB339C trainer and the A4 Skyhawk strike attack aircraft in Australia and New Zealand. In January 2002 Boomer transferred to the Royal Air Force and was posted to the Harrier GR7.

He has served with IV(AC) Squadron and conducted three operational tours in Afghanistan, flying reconnaissance and close air support missions in support of British and Coalition ground forces.

Boomer’s partner is Emma who is also an officer in the Royal Air Force. When not at work he enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities including windsurfing, diving, mountain biking and skiing. He has recently taken up kite boarding. Although no longer playing competitively Boomer enjoys both playing and watching rugby.

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