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Colin Baker


Born in Waterloo, London, on June 8th 1943, Colin Baker is, perhaps, best known for playing the sixth incarnation of The Doctor in the cult BBC TV series "Dr Who".

Between 1984-1986 Colin Baker replaced Peter Davison and is remembered for his mass of curly fair hair and a lurid patchwork coat, and was assisted by companions Peri and Mel.

Before being selected to play the Sixth Doctor Baker was an established television actor, his most notable role having been that of Paul Merroney in "The Brothers". Baker also appeared in "Blake's 7".

Baker is widely considered as the least successful Doctor. However, Baker suffered from highly inconsistent writing and a long hiatus as the show was moved back from the spring to the autumn schedules. Baker was removed from the role at the insistence of BBC management wanting to refresh the show.

Baker continued to act, mainly on the stage and returned to the role of the Sixth Doctor in the series of audio plays. On the whole fans have praised the audio plays. This lends further support to the argument that Baker suffered from bad writing and not from any deficiency in ability on Baker's part.

Subsequent television roles in the 1990s included guest appearances in the BBCs medical drama "Casualty "and Channel 4's adaptation of "A Dance to the Music of Time". Baker is a regular celebrity on "Countdown's" 'Dictionary Corner', also on Channel 4.

Since the death of his son in 1983 Colin Baker has been highly active in raising the profile of research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. He is the current chairman of the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.