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The Very Reverend John Irvine


The Very Rev John Irvine is Dean of Coventry Cathedral and a founder of the Alpha course.

John Irvine had previously been the most senior member of the staff and was responsible for more than 40 staff and the day-to-day running of the whole operation.

A former curate of Holy Trinity Brompton, he played a vitally important role towards the development of the current Alpha week-end course from a 4-week into a 10-week course and adding a week-end away on the Holy Spirit.

Under his leadership, Coventry Cathedral continues to give a message of hope, peace and forgiveness. It has also become even more admired visually, winning international acclaim through a major design award in 2005! Coventry Cathedral won the prestigious title of best public space at the FX International Interior Design Awards.

Collectables Signed By The Very Reverend John Irvine