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Captain Andrew Baillie


Captain Baillie joined BA in August 1972 and over a career spanning nearly 35 years, he flew nine different aircraft types.

He relinquished command on the Boeing 757 to fly as a co-pilot on the Concorde fleet in the June of 1995 and returned to the left hand seat as a Captain on the Concorde some two years later. Promotion to Training Captain followed.

Duties included training new crews on both the simulator and aeroplane conversion courses and as a CAA examiner revalidating the crews flying licences on their bi-annual check. Later he was a nominated Pilot for Concorde test flights.

Throughout his time on Concorde, he was also a member of the British Airways Pilot selection team conducting both interviews and simulator assessments on potential candidates.

Friday 24 October 2003 was the last day of Concorde commercial operation. Three Concordes flew that day and Captain Baillie says he was fortunate to be the commander of G-BOAE on the flight from London to Edinburgh. All three planes returned to Heathrow for a farewell party. Captain Baillie got off at Edinburgh and went home to Stirling. He did not see it as a day of celebration, it was a day aviation regressed. He regrets his grandson will never fly from New York to London in less than 2 hours 55 minutes as he did.

“To design it was something. To build it astonishing. To fly it was EVERYTHING.”

“Designed by men of vision. Built by men of passion. Flown by men of skill and daring. And me.”

Information provided by Captain Andrew Baillie

July 2008

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