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Kate Humble


Kate has presented a variety of science and wildlife programmes including Tomorrow's World and The Essential Guide to Rocks. She presented four series of Rough Science where scientists worked against the clock to complete challenges including building an underwater light and designing a spacesuit cooling system.

In 2002 and 2003, Kate explored the depths of the ocean in The Abyss, a day of live broadcasts exploring life at the bottom of the sea. The Abyss tapped into Kate's love for the sea and of diving as she was able to explore life at the spectacular Cayman Wall from the Atlantis submersible. During the dive, the crew used bait to attract a deep-water giant, the six-gill shark.

Kate joined Bill Oddie and Simon King to present Wild In Your Garden in 2003. A week of live broadcasts followed the lives of the animal residents of two Bristol gardens. During the week she investigated subjects such as the best way to watch mammals and how to identify bird song.

2004 programmes include two more live events Britain Goes Wild with Bill Oddie and Test Your Pet. More recently Kate presented Springwatch with Bill Oddie.


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