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Paddy Hopkirk


Patrick Barron Hopkirk (Paddy) was born in Belfast on 14th April 1933. He attended Clongowes Wood College in County Kildare from 1945 – 1949 before attending Trinity College in Dublin until 1953.

He started his winning career in professional racing and rally driving in 1955 at the tender age of 22, although he’s probably best remembered for his fantastic win at the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, in which he drove a Mini Cooper S car number 37, license plate/registration 33 EJB. He and fellow driver Henry Liddon remain the only all-British crew to have won the event, a truly staggering achievement.

1956 saw the beginning of an equally successful business career in the automotive industry, one in which he founded a number of thriving companies. He is still very involved in the field today and is currently not only Chairman to a number of companies but is also an ambassador for BMW. Paddy Hopkirk is also a brand of automotive accessories, named after him, including the “Paddy Hopkirk” limited edition Mini Cooper sold in the USA.

Paddy is Vice President and life member of the BRDC (British Racing Drivers Club) and Patron of the British Wheelchair Sports Foundation.

Astoundingly, in between all his other commitments, he also managed to find the time to write his autobiography, "The Paddy Hopkirk Story: A Dash of the Irish", which was published in 2005.

Paddy lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife Jenny, whom he married in 1967, and has 3 children and 2 grand children.