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Pete Holding


Pete Holding was born on 19th March 1940 in Llanelli, South Wales and edcuated at Llanelli Grammar School.

He joined Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1958 and served a five year engineering apprenticeship. During the last year of the apprenticeship, he joined the Flight Test Department.

He started flying on Bristol Britannia aircraft as a flight test engineer. In 1964 he was seconded to British Aircraft Corporation at Weybridge to flight test BAC 1-11s.

In 1967 he returned to BAC Bristol to join the Concorde team. He was a member of the crew of the first flight of Concorde 002 and 01. In 1973, he took Flight Engineers Licence and became operating crew, and was flight instructor for the training of British Airways crews.

At the end of Concorde's flight programme at Bristol in 1979, he was seconded to Airbus at Toulouse. He took part in the flight testing of Airbus prototypes, and production aircraft until retirement in March 1998.

Information provided by Pete Holding (November 2008)