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Captain Terence Henderson


Captain Henderson comes from a flying family: his father and uncle were both highly decorated RAF pilots in WW2. Captain Henderson's father completed the war as a Pathfinder Force Wing Commander with nearly 100 Operations to his credit and returned to civilian life in 1945. Although no longer an active pilot he inspired an aviation interest in his children resulting in his three sons all becoming Airline Captains. Terence met his wife, who later became BEA's stewardess "Personality Girl" as a result of a planned Transatlantic Air Race attempt in 1969. There younger son is also now an Airline Captain.

Terence learned to fly through his school's Combined Cadet Force and first flew solo in a glider in 1959. A year later was awarded an RAF Flying Scholarship and gained his Private Pilot's Licence. He declined a career in the RAF preferring to join the BEA/BOAC sponsored College of Air Training at Hamble in 1962. He graduated as top cadet in 1964 and joined BEA as a Trident co-pilot. He later flew Comets, Boeing 707s, BAC 1-11s, Boeing 737s and the Concorde. He was an Instructor/Examiner on all types except the Comet and Trident. His career, in what became British Airways, lasted nearly 35 years and included a further spell flying Concorde to meet a temporary crew shortfall after retirement. He was at times a Fleet Manager and for a while the Chief Pilot of the combined BAC 1-11 and Airbus A320 Fleets. He introduced a number of Air Safety initiatives and served on a Civil Aviation Authority Flight Data Committee.

For the last ten years since leaving British Airways, Terence has continued Airline Flying and has been Operations Director of a private airline flying Boeing 737s. That airline has several times been pronounced by a British Consumer magazine the best in Europe. He continues to be an Instructor and Examiner and is currently converting onto the Cessna Citation Executive Jet. He remains particularly active in gliding and light aircraft flying owning two gliders and an ex-RAF Chipmunk Trainer aircraft. Much of his free time is spent lecturing and encouraging youngsters into aviation and he has been a trustee of a number of aviation charities.

Terence now has in excess of 21,000 flying hours of which over 4,000 were achieved in ten years of Concorde flying.


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