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Susan Hampshire CBE


Susan Hampshire, Lady Kulukundis, CBE (born on 12th May 1937 in London) is an English actress best known for her many television and film roles. Her appeal has always been that of an "English rose".

Hampshire first became famous after playing the lead in a 1962 BBC adaptation of What Katy Did. Soon afterwards, she was taken up by Walt Disney, and starred in The Three Lives of Thomasina opposite Patrick McGoohan and The Fighting Prince of Donegal. She would later appear opposite McGoohan in two episodes of Danger Man. Later, she portrayed conservationist Joy Adamson in the 1972 film Living Free, sequel to the 1966 classic Born Free. She has also ventured into musicals, starring opposite Cliff Richard, in Wonderful Life, in Follow That Girl and more recently (1991) in The King and I.

She appeared in several popular television serials, notably in the BBC's blockbuster, The Forsyte Saga (1967), in which she played Fleur. The popularity of this series was a factor in the creation of the PBS program Masterpiece Theatre (in which the first series aired was The First Churchills in which she played Sarah Churchill). 1973 saw Hampshire on US television with Kirk Douglas in a musical version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Her most recent TV role was as Molly Macdonald, in the highly popular Monarch of the Glen (2000–2006).

Hampshire was married to the French film producer Pierre Granier-Deferre from 1967 to 1974. From this first marriage she has a son, Christopher. Her prematurely born daughter, Victoria, died shortly after birth. She has been the wife of theater impresario Sir Eddie Kulukundis since 1981. She became a grandmother in September 2006 with the birth of Christopher's son, Raphael.