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Ray Grayston


'Apres moi. Ie deluge.'

Official motto of 617 Squadron

Immortalised by the 1954 film The Dam Busters the story of 617 Squadron has gained a special place in aviation history. Operation 'Chastise' is perhaps best known as the Dam Busters Raid on the dams of the Ruhr industrial complex. Five dams (Mohne, Sorpe, Lister, Ennepe and Henne) were crucial in holding back 254 million cubic metres of water to supply the 'domestic and industrial' needs of 'the Ruhr district'. Serving as Flt. Eng on ED-912 "AJ-N" this was the last Upkeep of the primary wave. The crew were spot on with the marking. The bomb was released and it hit the target. Weakened by previous explosions the dam wall gave way leading to breach number 2. Sergeant Grayston was taken prisoner of war 16th September 1943 and spent the remainder of the War at Stalag Luft 3.

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