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Rear Admiral A Gough


SS Uganda was a P&O / British-India Steam Navigation Company schools cruise ship requisitioned on 10th April 1982 but not commissioned as a Royal Navy ship; she carried a Senior Naval Officer (Commander A B Gough Royal Navy) in charge of Naval Party 1830 (NP 1830) and Surgeon Captain A J Rintoul Royal Navy as Senior Medical Officer.

In 1982 the ship served as a hospital ship in the Falklands War with the affectionate call sign of "Mother Hen". She was called up to military duty while cruising - discharging her bemused passengers of school children, who were on an educational cruise, in Naples. When the SS Uganda docked in Naples reporters turned up their microphones to hear a ship full of school children singing Rule Britannia. The SS Uganda then set off for the South Atlantic after a 3 day refit in Gibraltar. She returned to Southampton to a heroes welcome on 9th August 1982.

After a refit in North Shields (the games deck windows never did close properly again after having Sea King Helicopters landing on the quoits court), the ship returned to the familiar relaxed pattern of educational cruising again but only for a few months as in January 1983 she took the Queen's shilling a second time and returned to duty as a troop ship serving between Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands.

Rear Admiral Gough joined the Royal Navy in 1965, going to BRNC Dartmouth from school. He was a Seaman Officer specialising in Anti-Submarine Helicopters.

CO HMS Bronington 1976 - 77.

CO 737 Naval Air Squadron 1980 - 81.


XO HMS Glamorgan 1982 - 84.

Staff Course 1985.

MOD 1986 - 87.

Captain HMS Broadsword 1987 - 88 (promoted Captain 1988).

Captain HMS Beaver 1988 - 88.

Captain HMS Brave 1988 - 89.

RCDS 1990

MOD 1991 - 92

NATO HQ 1993 - 1996(As Commodore).

Com STANAVFORLANT 1996 - 97.

SHAPE 1997 - 2000 (As Rear Admiral).

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