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Jean M. Auel


Jean M Auel (pronounced "Owl"), sets her books in the prehistoric period and two of her best-loved novels are, rather appropriately, The Mammoth Hunters and The Clan of the Cave Bear. Her books have sold over 34 million copies worldwide and The Mammoth Hunters was the first novel to achieve a first printing of more than a million copies when it was published in 1985.

Jean M. Auel married at 18, by 25 had five children, then in l964 at the age of 28 started college, night courses, and worked full time at an electronics firm. She studied maths, physics and electronics, while progressing from clerical work, to circuit board design, to technical writer, to credit manager.

She entered an MBA programme and was granted the degree in l976. Then, in l977, she had an idea to write a story about a young woman who lived during the Ice Age. A love of reading, an insatiable curiosity, and a penchant for research led to hours with books from the library which resulted in a long first draft for a six-part novel that became, instead, an outline for a six-book series.

Additional library research, supplemented by field courses that included making stone tools, building a snow cave, and brain-tanning buckskin, plus travel to both western and eastern Europe, have helped to flesh out the details for Earth's Children® :

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