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Bob Flowerdew


I like: gardening, scented plants, good food, cats, beautiful women, conversation, reading, etymology, outrageous ideas, public speaking, scuba diving and whinging on about the state of things.

I dislike: bad and bland food, political correctness and people whinging on about the state of things.

Bob Flowerdew

Bob Flowerdew is Britain's leading organic gardener and author of best-selling gardening books Bob Flowerdew's Complete Book of Companion Gardening, Bob Flowerdew's Complete Fruit Book and Bob Flowerdew's Organic Bible.

He is a continually popular panellist on Radio 4's Gardener's Question Time and has presented BBC's Gardeners' World and the Channel 4 series Muck and Magic. He is also on the Royal Horticultural Society's approved panel of lecturers.

A farmer's son, Bob's family have been tilling the land in Suffolk and Norfolk since before the first Queen Elizabeth. After graduating in financial management he worked his way around Europe and North America becoming fascinated by the different gardening and farming methods returning to pick grapes with one French family for 12 successive years.

Bob has been gardening on his current plot for the last sixteen years and grows organically almost every fruit and vegetable possible in our climate including bananas, pineapples and guavas. He also keeps chickens, ducks, geese and bees. He set out to prove that all this could be done single-handed and in one's spare time - which he has achieved but at great cost to his social life! Outside writing and gardening, Bob runs a consultancy landscape service, teaches at agricultural college and is President of the Norfolk group of the Soil Association.