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Captain Les Evans


Les flew Concorde with British Airways as a Senior First Officer for four years between 1999 and it's retirement from service in 2003. He was privileged to fly the last commercial Concorde flight from London to New York in October 2003.

Earlier, Les had been a fast-jet pilot with the royal Air Force, flying "Jump Jet" Harriers for over 7 years. He instructed Harrier and Hunter pilots in the arts of combat and weapons delivery before graduating as a test pilot from the Empire Test Pilots School in 1985. He spent four very interesting years as a research test pilot with the Royal Aircraft Establishment (now QinetiQ) at Bedford and at Boscombe Down. During this time he helped develop fly-by-wire systems, advanced displays and the use of Night Vision Goggles and infrared imaging systems.

He joined British Airways in 1990 as a Boeing 747 pilot, entering a low level management role for two years before taking up a training co-pilot position. Les joined the Concorde fleet in 1999; when the aircraft was grounded he was promoted to Training Captain of the Boeing 757/767 fleet.

Les retired from British Airways in July 2006 and now runs a training and consultancy business specialising in aircraft and aero systems design, and test pilot training. He is married to Jill and has two children – a daughter and a son.


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