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Colonel Stuart Archer GC OBE ERD


Colonel Bertram Stuart Trevelyan Archer, GC, OBE, ERD and two bars, was awarded the George Cross on 30 September 1941.

He was born on the 3 February 1915, in Hamstead, London and served with the Honourable Artillery Company before joining the Corps of Royal Engineers.

Invaluable Bomb Disposal Expert

As a young Lieutenant Archer had been deployed on bomb disposal work since June 1940 and had dealt with over 200 bombs, in addition to the incidents mentioned in his citation. He provided the War Office with numbers 17, 25, 26,38 and 50 fuses and Zus anti-handling devices for experiment, at a time when little was known about the nature of German fuses.

His citation reads: "On the 15 July 1940, four 250 kilogram bombs were dropped on St Athan aerodrome, South Wales, two of them within 10 yards of some vitally important assembly sheds. Lieutenant Archer immediately went to the scene and the first bomb was excavated. As its fuse was expected to be booby trapped, it was loaded, with the fuse still in, on to a lorry. Lieutenant Archer himself drove the lorry to a site some two miles away and the bomb was detonated. The other bomb was dealt with in the same way.

On the 17 August 1940, at Moulton South Wales, a further 250 kilogram bomb was excavated down to the fuse pocket, which contained a number 50 fuse. As this fuse was required for War Office experiments an attempt was made to extract it. When this failed, Lieutenant Archer removed it by hand by means of a pick head; although well aware of that the fuse might be a booby trap.

On 27 August 1940 at Port Talbot docks this officer was instrumental in recovering the first number of fuses for experimental purposes."


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