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Geoff Duke OBE


Born in Lancashire, Geoff Duke won the nation's heart after winning the 1949 Senior Clubmans TT and the Senior Manx Grand Prix. He was quickly invited to join the Norton works team for the 1950 TT, finishing second in the Junior and shattering the lap and race records on winning the Senior!

He took three more victories for Norton before changing to Gilera in 1953.

In 1955 he won the Senior, and was declared the first rider to lap at 100mph, but this was corrected two laps later to 99.97mph.

His final race was the 1959 Junior when he finished fourth on a Norton. In total, Duke won 6 TT races and was World Chamption six times!

In 1951, he was voted Sportsman of the Year and won the RAC Seagrave Trophy.

In 1953, he was awarded the OBE. He will also be remember forever as the first rider to wear one-piece leathers!