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Captain William de Rouet


Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother appointed Captain William Jonathan de Rouet, Irish Guards, to be an Equerry to Her Majesty in the room of Major Andrew Charles Burrell MacEwan, Irish Guards from 14th August 1998.

When HRH the Queen sent a telegram to The Queen Mother to congratulate her on reaching the grand age of 100, The Queen Mother handed the envelope to Captain de Rouet, with a request for him to use his sword as a letter opener!

The appointment of Equerry is a military one which is usually filled by a serving or retired officer of the Armed Forces. The Queen has two Equerries, of whom the senior and permanent one is designated Deputy Master of the Household and Equerry.

The Junior Equerry, who is appointed from each of the three Services in turn, holds office for three years. During those three years the Equerry will be seen in close attendance upon Her Majesty at many of her public engagements.

When in attendance the Equerry almost always wears uniform. Both Equerries work closely with the Private Secretaries, Master of the Household, Comptroller, Lord Chamberlain's Office and the Households of other members of the Royal Family. The Queen also has a temporary Equerry from the Coldstream Guards.

Collectables Signed By Captain William de Rouet