Buckingham Covers - First Day Covers

Carole Cuneo


Carole Cuneo is the youngest daughter of Terence Cuneo CVO OBE RGI (1907-1996). The Buckingham covers she has signed all feature one of Terence Cuneo's beautiful rail paintings.

With her nephew Andrew, niece Melanie and daughter, Cindy (Terence Cuneo's three grandchildren), Carole Cuneo formed the Cuneo Estate to manage all copyrights, royalty and licensing of his work, including the distinctive signature and mouse. She also started Cuneo Fine Arts to compile an Archive of all her father's works. She came up with 14 major subjects, which for one artist is very prolific.

Ms Cuneo explains that her father lived a full life and he loved life, so she and her family are quite determined that his art will live on - dramatically, powerfully and noisily!