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Captain Edouard Chemel


Edouard Chemel was born on 15th October 1929, and was fortunate enough to dedicate his life to what he enjoyed the most. When he turned nineteen he was hired by Air France as a radio officer.

A self-taught scholar, his only passion and ambition was to fly, and he completed his pilot training in record time. He became a certified captain on 1st November 1960. He then qualified as an instructor on 29th November 1965, and trained his young colleagues to fly all the aircraft types in the Air France fleet.

On 5th November 1983 he started as a captain on board Concorde, and became the head of the technical flight team in the Concorde division. During six years he was captain of all flights of the President of France. At the end of his forty-two year career, he had completed more than 22,000 flight hours, 2,000 of which were on Concorde.

Edouard Chemel is married and has two children. His whole family is bound to Air France - his wife, an air hostess, His daughter, Elisabeth, is captain on board an Airbus A380, and his son, Jean, is also a captain on board an Airbus A380!

As for Edouard, with his 42 years of experience and knowledge gained throughout the skies of the world, as is his style, he has passionately devoted ten years of his life to assembling and writing on the history of aviation and, in particular, his favourite aircraft, Concorde