Buckingham Covers - First Day Covers

Join the Buckingham Cover Club (unsigned)

Why Join the Buckingham Cover Club?

  • Automatically get the main Buckingham First Day Covers reserved (You'll never miss out!)
  • It's Free to join (and leave!)
  • £1 Discount on every reserved cover as part of the club
  • Complete Flexibility - You don't have to buy every cover but you get first refusal
  • Earn Loyalty Tokens to exchange for FREE Luxury Albums or Credit
  • You'll receive stunning covers like the above to build a fantastic collection
  • We produce roughly 15-18 new covers per year


How much can I expect to pay?

Buckingham Covers are priced between £16.95 and £19.95 depending on the stamp value. Club customers receive £1 discount on each issue.

Postage, packing and insurance is £2.45 per sending