Music Giants VII - Iron Maiden

Music Giants VII - Iron Maiden

Music Giants VII - Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden are one of the most revered and influential bands of all time. Join us in celebrating the band with this new set of stamps. With over 2,000 live performances across 64 countries to pick from, these stamps pay homage to some of the band's most renowned and iconic performances, and the band's long serving mascot Eddie.

Iron Maiden First Day Cover

Our Designer Paul tells me: "this cover has been inspired by the album images from the iconic British band and is postmarked in Leyton, London (where the band were formed)."

Iron Maiden Miniature Sheet

Paul says: "Iron Maiden have a pretty strong narrative with their character Eddie, so I thought I'd take my cue from that and their stage shows and continue a bit of a hellish landscape feel with the ever-popular grim reaper and some flames.  It's a bit of a cliche, but hell, demons, grim reapers, skulls and motorcycles are all a bit Metal. I threw in a couple of dragons for extra punch."

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