1969 Investiture Cover

Something’s not right?

The question is though what is it? So at first glance we have everything we could want in a 1969 investiture first day Cover. Nicely laid out, a label address and St Agnes Cornwall CDS postmark, which as the Prince is Duke of Cornwall a good connection, but something is just not right.

The first thing that struck me is the label just looks wrong. My thoughts are for 1969 it looks wrong, it seems just too big, it is more like a modern label we use in the office today. Also why is the label so grubby compared to the cover, is some-one trying to make a modern bright label look older? With covers of this age sometimes the labels have been removed or have just fallen off, so replacement labels are not usual but this just does not feel right.

So my next question is why use such a big label, is because it is covering up a scruffy typed or handwritten address?

You could check this by opening the cover up, removing the insert card and holding the cover up to a bright light. You should then be able to see what is behind the label. Now for the but. The cover has been sealed so you can’t get inside, so without damaging the cover you can’t see what’s behind.

At this point I will say that if the label has come off a cover and you have the correct one or one of the same size and period to replace it, I don’t have a problem, but using a label to cover up something is wrong.

This is a good example of something I see quite regularly, I am not confident it will sell at the full price and will probably end up on eBay at 99p.

So what do we learn? Well before you buy any cover, just give it a quick second look and make sure you are completely happy with it. If anything looks out of place or suspicious you would be wise to give it a wide berth.

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