Liverpool Stamp Fair – The Liner Hotel

Liverpool Stamp Fair – The Liner Hotel

Dogged in the lead-up to the show by the threat of snow it’s safe to say that Craig and I were delighted at the simple journey up to Liverpool for the annual Stamp Fair, held at the Liner Hotel in the heart of the city.

As you’ve probably gathered the Liner plays up to its name and the city’s Maritime heritage with ship interior design including faux port cabin lookouts plus blue and white striped naval rooms.

The trade fair itself was held in a fantastic conference room which was again has a magnificent maritime edge and although only about 20 dealers were present it seemed well attended from a trade point of view. Unfortunately foot-fall of visitors didn’t quite live up to expectation, perhaps the threat of snow previously mentioned was enough to stop some travelling into the city.

It was great to speak to collectors over the two days and even better to welcome a new breed of potential collectors from local schools, who arrived excitedly on the Saturday to rifled through the stock on show. It was refreshing to see them genuinely interested in what the dealers had to offer as they trawled through the stock trays.


It’s safe to say in the evenings we more than did our duty of exploring the city, including a visit to the stunning St George’s Hall. I should confess that the Winter Ales Festival they was being held at the Hall that weekend was probably the main sway for us, however, as you can see from the photos above it is an incredible building. I’d definitely recommend it (even without the Beer). If you didn’t know better you’d think it had been built yesterday, pristine throughout yet seeping with history. Advice from the beer point of view is don’t EVER try Chilli beer, it’s exactly what it says and only a buffoon would try it, luckily for you I was that buffoon.

We explored the docks, (a few extra bars ssshhhh don’t tell anyone) and nosied on past the famous Cavern Club before finishing our time in Liverpool at an American BBQ restaurant whose sole purpose was to ply us with an absurb amount of meat, the sight of which would probably send a vegan into cardiac arrest!

All-in-all I think the snow warnings around the UK probably effected the amount of visitors but hopefully next year it’s a bit more successful and we can get our covers seen by a few more and speak and here from collectors.

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