Stamp Classics – Classic Stamps?

Stamp Classics – Classic Stamps?

We now have 179 years of British Stamps behind us and so when the first issue of 2019 is Stamp Classics, did Royal Mail make the right choice? What would you have chosen?

As you asked, or did not, I thought I would start the ball rolling with my thoughts and we would be happy to add your comments.

The first question is do you need to issue something that has not been done before? The Royal Mail archive was dipped into for the 2017 Machin issue, but though interesting, I think people like to see stamps they have used on their stamps.

My thoughts are that it would be fun to give collectors and people who still use stamps on their letters something they can use today when they are posting. So, maybe we update a Victorian £5 Orange but make it a First Class Orange with an image of Queen Elizabeth II in the centre? Or perhaps we take one of the very distinctive Edward VIII designs and do a first class stamp in the H.J. Brown style or the 1940 Centenary stamp with Queen Victoria and George VI replaced with the Queen and Prince Philip…

I can see you are all worried that Royal Mail may come back to me and say, sorry Brian lovely idea but choose your six favourite stamps for a Stamp Classics issue, what would I choose? Well here goes:

  • Victorian Penny Red
  • 1925 Wembley
  • 1937 Coronation
  • 1966 England Winners Stamp
  • 1985 Trains
  • Wilding QEII Definitive

So there we have it the gauntlet has been thrown down, let us have your list of six classic stamps, and thoughts and the new miniature sheet that is issued today!

P.S If you haven’t already seen our FDC designs, get yourself over to our website or click the image below!

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