Myth and Magic in Manchester

At Halloween Katherine and I attended DraigCon, a Harry Potter convention in Manchester. We took with us all of our Harry Potter covers alongside a variety of other appropriately themed stock including Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars etc.

Stand at DraigCon Manchester 2018

The convention attracted a great number of witches and wizards, large and small, with some fantastical fancy dress costumes including house elves, Mandrakes and even a Hogwarts Express! The convention was attended by various actors from the Harry Potter series, and with the help of their agent Kaye Freeman, we were able to get some of them to sign our covers.

Cover signed by Adrian Rawlins (James Potter) and Chris Rankin (Percy Weasly) – BC616S

The event was held at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester,  a beautiful 1920s building that was a little atmospheric to say the least! As part of the event we ran a Competition to win a Harry Potter cover from 2007, doubled with a Harry Potter stamp from the latest 2018 stamp issue. To enter they simply had to leave us their name and email, using our special quills. The beautiful prize was won by Ashley from Liverpool and is winging its way to her in time for Christmas.

Competition Prize – 2007 cover with single 2018 Harry Potter stamp

If you missed us at the convention you can see all of our Harry Potter Covers here, including a variety of autographed options. These covers have a little bit of magic of their own, hold them under a UV lamp to reveal their secrets!

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