Our Visit to the Stafford Stamp Show

A cold and frosty car park greeted Craig and Brian (the soft southerners) on the first day of the Stafford Stamp Show. This of course did not stop Brian and another dealer completing the Cannock Chase parkrun before starting work on Saturday.

This was our first visit to this well-established show and they followed another dealer in from Kent (we could have shared a van). (http://jrs-stamp-shows.co.uk/)

We are already working on magazines for January so most of the week-end was spent going through dealers stock looking for new things to offer.

So what were their best finds I hear you ask, well Craig found a lovely cover signed by Rowland Hill (ask Sarah if you’d like more details) and a lovely Australia cover marking the royal family’s first flight there.

Brian was offered a small batch of covers signed by French Resistance leader and Nancy Wake (RKW04 £125). These came direct from the dealer who went to France to get them signed. He told us she was not a lady to be messed with as I assume both the men under her command and the Germans discovered.

She also insisted on a nice lunch and a bottle of something warming to celebrate finishing the autographing!

All the best

Brian and Craig

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