In the footsteps of Lord Nelson…

In the footsteps of Lord Nelson

A recent visit to St Helens off the east coast of the Isle of Wight proved a more historical trip than I had expected.

After a stroll in the sunshine along the coast and an ice cream in hand I stumbled across the remains of a twelfth century church tower. A small plaque on the ruins was dedicated to Lord Nelson who had departed from St Helens on the 14th September 1805 to board HMS Victory. It was to be the last time he stood on British soil as from there he sailed to rendezvous with the fleet near Cadiz before the Battle of Trafalgar.

As soon as I read this my attention turned to the superb envelope front we have in stock signed by Lord Nelson. This historical item is dated on the same exact day as mentioned at the church, 14th September 1805. When the envelope first came into the office we knew the date itself was a significant piece of history; but for me to have stumbled across the spot where Lord Nelson departed whilst on my holiday was quite the coincidence!


Here’s the item we’ve got, it’s a truly amazing piece of history. It’s price at an eye-watering £4,000 but surely worth every penny! It’s not yet on our website but contact if you’d like a bit more information.

SGN001E — £4,000 Lord Horatio Nelson signed front piece of envelope dated 14th September 1805 addressed to Rev J D Haslewood in Brighton. On this day Nelson arrived in Portsmouth and later boarded HMS Victory for the final time!

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