Channel Islands – WWII First Day Covers

Channel Islands – WWII First Day Covers

It always strikes me as amazing that any first day covers exist at all from World War II. With the wartime pale colour issues you see London dealers producing covers, which means they were not doing just the odd one here and there, they were producing enough covers to supply their customers and some to sell in their shops.

Then to take this a stage further you have the people of the occupied Channel Islands not only doing first day covers, but lots of interesting combinations, all while having to live under shortages and German rule. I guess what this proves is they tried to make sure, as much as possible, that life went on as normal.

On the Channel Islands this led to lots of interesting covers. It is not uncommon to see a homemade cover made from a piece of brown paper, in the back of my mind there are even covers made out of old paper potato sacks.

Fitting in well with this theme is this advertising card which has been used as a First Day Cover (or card) for the Guernsey 2½d Arms. The front does not give much away, it just strikes you as nice and clean, but then you flip it over and get the advert for Bugges Insecticides Ltd of Sittingbourne, Kent and there Sterole Emulsion which sterilizes your greenhouse soil and controls insects including Eelworm, Woodlice and ‘the white insect’.

We think this is a lovely item, of the time, and also showing how the islands collectors used the intuition to make sure they could still produced covers. There are lots of similar items out there all very collectable.

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