Stamp Errors on First Day Covers

Stamp Errors on First Day Covers…

A true stamp dealer is never happier than sorting through a big untidy box of first day covers and this is where I found myself last Saturday lunchtime when we were trading at South of England – Bracknell Stamp Show.

So what is it that keeps us all hunting? Well it has to be the buzz of finding an unusual illustration, rare error or special postmark we have not seen before.

Well over the course of two boxes I found three 1973 Christmas covers with the pink floor missing on the centre stamp. Not worth a fortune but still nice to find.

1973 Christmas stamp with missing pink floor [example]

Company Meeting Educational
At this week’s company meeting I went through my top ten errors which are findable (if there is such a word)

1) 1965 Post Office Tower first day cover – the gold tower missing on the 3d value
2) 1966 Birds FDC – the blackbirds legs are missing
3) 1966 Hastings first day cover– Lots of missing colours just hard to spot
4) 1966 Christmas FDC – missing T on T Shemza (very small). I think there was one on every sheet so does turn up
5) 1968 Bridges FDC– missing blue water on 9d
6) 1972 Churches – missing Queens Head on 3p. I think Tony [our late Chairman] was sent these as a new issue and so they are there on First Day Covers
7) 1972 BBC first day cover – missing head on 7½p value. These were sent out by the Bureau, so will turn up in the cheapest of collections
8) 1973 Christmas first day cover – missing pink floor (mainly on centre value)
9) 1979 Rowland Hill Miniature Sheet FDC – lots of missing colours
10) 1980 Authors first day cover – ‘p’ missing on 12p value. Again I think there was one in every sheet so very findable.

There are of course many more that could be added to the list and lots we have not seen, if you do make any discoveries let us know in the comments section below.

1968 Bridges First Day Cover with missing ultramarine on 9d stamp.            Prod_Code: FC675A – £6,500

For further reading you can also check out Warwick & Warwick’s Definitive Guide to Stamp Errors

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