RAF Centenary

Happy 100th Birthday to Royal Air Force.

RAF first day covers have long been a favourite of many collectors and I’m delighted to report that the centenary stamps and our latest first day covers that we released on the 20th March (and doubled some today) have proven to be particularly popular once more.

When we sat down towards the end of 2017 we were already earmarking the RAF 100 issue as being the ‘biggie’ for 2018 and knew it was a good opportunity to  go the extra mile in terms of cover producing and creating fantastic collectables that both our customers would love and that the great British public would also appreciate. It was also an opportunity to potentially raise money for charity and so we looked at just how it could happen.

We drafted up a list and top of the pile was the RAF Benevolent Fund, a fantastic charity, and the RAF’s leading welfare charity with a proud tradition of looking after its own. They are in place for all serving and former members of the RAF as well as their partners and dependent children. We emailed, chatted about possible plans and a meeting later had agreed to work in partnership with them to help raise funds through sales and also additionally through signed and flown editions.

The stamps are stunning and although the obvious omission of the Lancaster and Spitfire planes will baffle many aviation enthusiasts it also makes a good change from what has been previously showcased in RAF stamp issues. It also allowed us to featured the truly magnificent Spitfires painting by Mark Bromley on our cover design to make sure the Spitfire still remained in the forefront of the RAF 100 celebrations.

Here’s what we produced;

Buckingham First Day Cover Red Arrows RAF

Red Arrows First Day Cover by Buckingham Covers

Buckingham First Day Cover RAF 100

Royal Air Force Centenary First Day Cover by Buckingham Covers RAF


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the cover designs as well as the choice of stamps. What would you have chosen to feature?

And don’t forget if you haven’t already purchased your copy then don’t wait around because these really are flying! With every sale you’ll also be contributing towards the fantastic RAF Benevolent Fund as well!


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