A Visit to Stampex

So as a Cover Collector, how should you best spend your day at Stampex.

You may say that the Business Design Centre is no Earls Court in size, but to try and get round all the cover trays in one day is pretty much impossible, so make sure you have a plan.

I would of course say to start at the back and then work your way forward, but you would then ask me where our stand was (76 at the back of course).

I think the answer is to have a quick walk round to find your bearings, if you have not been before, and then visit the dealers you want to see and spend some time looking at what they have. Also make sure you ask if they have any covers not on display. A couple of years ago I went through a dealers stock and it was not till I asked him three times to show me the good covers, that I found a couple of really nice things to buy.

You should not get the hard sell, always feel free to ask advise or borrow a catalogue (we should have the first copies of Tony’s new Catalogue on sale along with copies of his biography). My thoughts are always to make sure it is really what you want, I have had customers see a cover one day and be back first thing the next day to buy it, it just took a little longer to decide.

So you have been round the two or three dealers you know, so now spend some time going through the boxes of covers on the end of dealers stands or the dealers which have trays and trays of 50p and £1 covers. Yes you will spend hours and hours with you neck crooked over, but it is very rare not to find something to tempt you. There is though still one piece of advice, after going through 173 hand written covers with smudged FDI postmarks, you come across a beautiful clean cover with no address and a special postmark. This may be the item you have been hunting for, just give it that second look to make sure that all the terrible covers you have been looking at are not just making it look good. We have all bought this cover and then got it home and asked ourselves why?

So finally if you find yourself in Islington come along and at least say hello, we should be easy to spot (stand 76) as we will be covered in our new display boards, plus we will have our blue postbox with us.




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