Story of a Stamp Dealer (Chapter 16)

Story of a Stamp Dealer
International Stamp Shows

These were the last big shows at which Post Offices threw money to show how important they were. The receptions and food were amazing and it would have been better had our stand not been 20 miles from the entrance. Actually I’m exaggerating, it was probably only 19 miles, well it seemed like it.

We also had to change quickly the way we offered our covers, but by day three we were doing OK, mainly because everyone else had sold out!

The 10 days in Amsterdam at Amphilex were simply amazing, but getting there and back, not so good. We were worried about customs, so we went to see them before leaving and a really nice senior officer kindly filled in our forms for us. When we arrived the next day we were asked; ‘what idiot filled them in?’ Just what we wanted to hear!

On our return to Dover we were welcomed and were told they knew about us as we were Government sponsored, but no one would sign our papers. After 3 hours they said leave the stock and come back the next day, I asked for someone to guarantee its safety and sign a receipt, they signed our papers instead. This was the start of our customs experiences.

The next big one was Capex in Toronto, but Cath couldn’t come as Ellie was due to be born. Group Captain Randle (who you’re all familiar with by now) kindly offered to get our stock out for us and even leant us an officer to help promote the RAF covers on the stand. So Bill King and I flew out, but alas the stock didn’t.

Cath, 8 months pregnant at this stage, battled hard for us and eventually the stock was found in Trenton. Upon hearing I had no idea how far it was from Toronto. It took three days to drive there and back!

By Tony Buckingham

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