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As a member of the most confused quiz team in Folkestone (One Legged Donkey – we spend a lot of time thinking about the funniest answer rather than the correct one), last night, in a round about colours, we were asked ‘What was first issued on the 1st May 1840?’.

My postman teammate gave the answer Penny Black, for which we got the point, but I mentioned I might have issues. Phil, our legendary quiz master, is aware that our whole team has issues, and not usually with his questions!

Any good First Day Cover collector will know the official day of issue was the 6th May 1840, but they are known used from the 1st – 5th, when we guess the postmasters could not wait to try these new gummed labels. Even early dates after the 6th May are collectible and worth a premium, so to non stamp collectors it is a bit of a minefield.

So should we start a campaign, not to change the issue date from the 6th May, but that it should become law that every quiz has to include the question ‘what was issued in early May 1840?’ and maybe this would simplify things?


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