Story of a Stamp Dealer (Chapter 12)

The Story of a Stamp Dealer

I mentioned in the last chapter of our decision to drop out of the Travelling Circus despite our success in Bath. However, we did have one amusing story from Bath that I must recall.

I had bought a large collection of stamps at a local furniture auction, it was a gift at £400, and I was selling album pages at great prices from the collection.

One page of penny blacks and blues was priced at £350, a leading dealer placed £350 in cash on the table, removed one stamp, told me it was a **** (in truth I’ve no idea what he said), told me I was stupid and then gave me back the page.

I repriced the remainder of the page at £300 and sold it within the hour. Ever since he has denied it happened! Nevertheless, £650 for one page, out of three albums that cost me £400 to buy was more than a little pleasing. To this day I’ve never understood why such a collection was in a furniture auction, it’s always made to check obscure auctions since though.

Radio Gaga

At Leeds, a local radio station wanted someone to talk to regarding stamps, it was amazing how quickly all the dealers disappeared. In the end I was the only volunteer/sucker/victim.  Apparently I was brilliant, I suppose being an experienced teacher helped (Cath would say it more because I had a big mouth!)

On a separate note, one thing I can tell you is, its hard word driving to Newcastle, unloading, then loading back up and driving all the way back down to the coast in Folkestone. Cath was amazing, she was doing all of the driving as I didn’t get a full license until 1978 after Ellie was born ‘necessity being the mother of invention’, as they say, I lost my chauffeur.

Eventually we stopped doing even the one day shows which was sad, we had met so many collectors who had become customers and friends for some 30-40 years!


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