Story of a Stamp Dealer (Chapter 6)


In 1973 I started again with my retail business when I acquired ‘Trend Supply Service,’ this was followed by a string of purchases that ended up with having 1000’s of standing order customers. These were dealt with by a husband and wife from their home.

By this time I had also opened my first shop in the Malthouse in Hythe, eventually employing a great pair of oldies to run it.


I finally left teaching in July 1975, I was sad, not only did I thoroughly enjoy my job but I had aspirations to become a Head Teacher before I left and felt that Deputy was a small failure. Cath had left teaching a year earlier and so we had no regular income to rely on.

As you can imagine, we were both extremely apprehensive and instead of enjoying the beautiful beaches that summer, we worked hard going to small stamp exhibitions and continuing to do more lists.

We had been trying to sell our house for years; finally we had a firm sale and went on holiday to Majorca for a week to chase the Winter sun (we never caught it,) on our return we had two letters. GULP!

The first saying the purchasers had to be in by Christmas, the other, from our Surveyor saying the old lady wouldn’t let him in. We found out later we were the 6th unlucky would be buyers.

We took the decision we would sell and set about trying to find somewhere quickly as it was well into November. As luck would have it we found a brand new house where the developer needed to sell before the end of the year for tax reasons and we were perfect as we were cash buyers. The bad news was we really couldn’t afford it, so we borrowed extra and moved in just before Christmas.


By Tony Buckingham


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