Story of a Stamp Dealer (Chapter 5)

Story of a Stamp Dealer (Chapter 5)

Employing Staff

It always amuses me that on Sunday you are responsible for yourself but if on Monday you take on an employee, suddenly you apparently should know all 20,000 regulation regarding law and safeguarding!

It wasn’t so bad nearly 50 years ago when I first started but there were still many pitfalls.

My lists were typed on skins by Cath to start with, she used to run them off of the school Roneo. I felt guilty making Cath do it so i employed a “proper secretary” in the evenings. I have to admit the results were not as good. Salvation turned into ‘Salutions’, p/mks became ‘Pimms’ and more outrageous prangs I care to remember!

Also I didn’t realise the skins were not meant to be pink, they should have been blue, the “proper secretary” was very fast but a wholly inaccurate typist and the pink was correction fluid.


As I mentioned in chapter 4, we moved to Hythe in 1972 and I advertised for help early on. The only applicant told me she was a typical Nordic blond etc, my vision wasn’t that of an Opera star… in short, she was a disaster.

It finally came to a head when I couldn’t find my standing order book (which basically WAS my business.) She apparently wanted to make it nicer, took it home and lost it! You can imagine my panic.

I didn’t drive at the time so Cath took me to her house, it wasn’t a great meeting and we eventually found the book in her dustbin! Thankfully the collection wasn’t until the next day. She told me I was a horrid man and didn’t want to work for me anymore, as if I would have wanted her!


By Tony Buckingham

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