Story of A Stamp Dealer (Chapter 2)

By Tony BuckinghamTony photo




ABCD Stamps

By the time I went to Grammar School I was making up books of stamps to sell. I teamed up with a friend, Christopher Davies, he was known as the genius because he topped the Maths paper in the whole area (I was a miserable second.) We formed a business called the ‘ABCD Stamp Company.’

I used to go to the stamp club auctions and buy the collections no one wanted. They had probably been bought three or more time before, each time the good stamps being removed.

We counted at random 100 and put them in brown envelopes and sold them for 6d. One smug six former bought a packet and found a stamp catalogued £10, he came back to boast and to make us feel small. It was a great selling opportunity, we told everyone and sold loads more packets very quickly.

That first business lasted until I was 15 when I discovered not all women were called mummy and embarked on another hobby. (Safe to say train spotting also went at the same time!)

However, the seeds of my future in the stamp world had already been sown…

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