Story of a Stamp Dealer (Chapter 1)

By Tony BuckinghamTony photo





I have been asked before I go to that stamp collection in the sky to write about my stamp history. So I thought I would do a few mini chapters for you to peruse.

Group Captain Randle used to say he had been done by the best I added I have been done by the rest. It was only when I started thinking about my start that I remembered my first time.


I was eight years old and like many of my generation a keen stamp collector (also a train spotting sad case) I of course collected the World. We were visited by a distant relation from Upside Down land that must have come over for the Coronation.

I proudly showed him my collection and he told me to stop collecting everything and to concentrate on GB and the Empire. I asked him what to do with the stamps I didn’t want and he said swap them, sell them, barter them for those that I did want.

So I became a mini dealer, fairly working catalogue value for catalogue value. Most of my friends were delighted to get 20-40 stamps in exchange for one but I was gradually building my mainly GB collection.

I also bought from a local collector dealer, Woolworth, and a stamp shop in St Albans when my parents went shopping. I distinctly remember being caught in class with my album and the teacher threw it in the waste paper basket together with the milk bottle tops, I was distraught but luckily a friend rescued it.

A month or so later my collection was stolen, an investigation was started and to my horror when it as found, the thief turned out to be the very same ‘friend’ who rescued it from the bin!

**End of Chapter 1**

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