Welcome to the Stamps, First Day Covers and Collectables blog.

Our aim is to provide some interesting content using our experiences at Buckingham Covers and hopefully have input from guest bloggers over time. It is hoped that this blog will connect the hobbyists and invoke engagement and opinion.

We’ve got a range of topics already in mind including Tony Buckingham’s ‘Story of a Stamp Dealer’ series, some thoughts on the Royal Mail Blockbuster issues and some snippets of light-hearted stamp and collectible news.

It would be great to get as much feedback and comments on the blog posts so that we have the motivation to continue posting new pieces, in addition any suggestions of blogs are welcome and if you would like your input then we’d be happy to publish your views (censorship permitting!)

Anyway, enjoy the blog and hopefully it’s something you’ll enjoy!





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2 Responses

  1. Love your covers. You have used one of my paintings as a cover before. If you are doing a theme of the end of the first world war..100 years ago this year. You are welcome to use my painting as seen on Flickr (FredTaylor10) of USS Louisiana in New York Harbor 1918 returning US troops home. Keep up the good work. Fred

  2. Buckingham Covers says:

    Hi Mr Taylor, thanks for the comment. Yes we will be doing various items in relation to the Great War Centenary but mainly from a British angle. If you have any paintings which related to battles that were part of the 100 Days Offensive we’d be really keen to see those.
    All the Best,
    Jake Harvey
    Buckingham Covers

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