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Any products you add to your wishlist will be displayed below. This allows you to access them quickly and if available, purchase them quickly without having to browse the entire catalogue of products. 

Please be Aware that this is not the same as the old wishlist and you will not be notified each time you put a product into your wishlist. This simply acts as a 'keep for later' list for your shopping convenience because once you sign in, you are only two clicks away from the products you have saved. This means if you stumble across a 'must have' cover there is no need to remember codes or try and find a misplaced magazine in order to remember what it was because it will be waiting for you when you a ready. 

If you have placed something in your wishlist because it is out of stock and you would like us to reserve it for you or you want to get in line for when it becomes available then please call or email us and make sure you have the correct product code for your desired product. We can then add you to the waiting list. Once you have been put on this list you will have nothing further to do, We will be the ones to contact you when the product becomes available if you are next in line, and if you still want the product we will then process the order for you and get it out to you. 

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