About Us

  • Buckingham Covers is based in Folkestone, Kent (South East England). It was founded in 2000 by 2 of the world's leading names in covers, Tony and Cath Buckingham.

    Our covers, which are designed and made by us here in Folkestone, have grown and grown in popularity since then - and in most cases, doubled or tripled in price. More people work here now but we are still a small company with a passion for covers, quality, customer service, charity fund raising and treating people decently.

    Our Customer Service team answer your calls, emails and letters. We don't use call centres. Our team care a lot and know about covers. We are not infallible (if only!) and we do sometimes make mistakes (we try not to!) but promise that we'll always put them right for you. Our aim is to give you Rolls Royce service

    We are proud to have produced covers in conjunction with a lot of organisations. Many of them are charities and we use our covers for them to raise much needed funds. Others are successful businesses who have allowed us to use their brand on our covers.

    Raising money for charity has always been central to Tony Buckingham's work both at Buckingham Covers and his previous first day cover company, Benham. We are proud to have worked with some amazing charities  including Childline, Falkland Islands memorial Chapel, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, Bomber Command Memorial, Stroke Association and many more. 

    If you would like to raise funds for a charity close to your heart or you have a celebrity supporter or contact with a celebrity who you think may like to help raise funds by signing for us, please call us on 01303 278137 or email us - we are always open to suggestions.

Mission Statement

  • To create beautiful covers that are a joy to own
  • To create covers that will have a good future value
  • To give our customers the best possible attention
  • To treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated ourselves
  • To make collecting fun every step of the way
  • To create a happy working environment where everyone is valued
  • To generate money for charities and good causes
  • To promote cover collecting
  • To build a successful cover business

Buckingham Covers Limited, registered in England No. 03877048 is part of Internet Stamps Group Limited, registered in England No. 03497867. Registered office for both: Warren House,
Shearway Rd, Folkestone, Kent CT19 4BF, UK.