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Celebrate the Royal Wedding: the Cover That's Got It All!

Royal Wedding coin cover with Royal Mail stamps and commemorative coin

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This is the Prince of Royal Wedding souvenirs, the cat's whiskers, the Royal Slice of Bread.It is the cover that has it all:

  • NEW Royal Mail stamps
  • The 2 new Royal Wedding stamps, issued by Royal Mail on 21st April 2011, are both on here.

    The Best of Tradition

    Your coin cover is in the very best tradition of royalty memorabilia. Ever since the first collectable cover (envelope) was produced, back in 1911, for the coronation of King George V, British Royal events have always been celebrated with commemorative stamps and first day covers. The best of these are not only cherished souvenirs of a moment in history. They are also a potential investment.

  • Postmarked on the DAY OF ISSUE
  • Each cover will be postmarked by Royal Mail in Westminster by a skilled team of postmen - on the day the stamps are issued (21th April 2011). That makes it a highly collectable first day cover.

  • Special commemorative coin by world-famous sculptor
  • This NEW coin, minted by Tower Mint, was sculpted by the famous Raphael Maklouf, who designs British coinage. If you look in your pocket, you will find his work on our British coins.

  • 2 GENUINE vintage Westminster Abbey stamps from 1966
  • These stamps are 45 years old and celebrate the place where Prince William and Miss Middleton will make their vows and leave, man and wife.

  • Beautiful Photo, framed in gold
  • The picture frame, blocked in gold (the image above just can't do it justice), holds an official portrait of the Royal couple.

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Wedding Day Edition

Royal Wedding special edition If you like this design, but would prefer it postmarked on the Wedding Day (29th April 2011) rather than on the day the stamps are issued (21st April 2011), we can help!

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Or order the Royal Wedding coin cover (shown above) or the Wedding Day alternative edition (not shown) below:

Quick Facts: Royal Wedding first day cover with Tower Mint is a First-day Cover Issue date : 21st April 2011

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